Case History

Henkel – Adhesive Technologies warehousing services



In 2015 MDG won the tender to centralize Henkel’s warehouses dedicated to the distribution of glue in Italy.


Integrated logistics

  • Daily shuttles from the production centers to our warehouse

  • Distribution: we deliver the orders prepared in our warehouse to industries, shops, retailers and Large-scale Retail Distribution – supermarkets and hypermarkets)

  • Dedicated warehouse:

    • 22,000 pallet accommodations
    • 140,000 orders per year
    • Site compliant with Seveso 8 regulations, the most restrictive for dangerous goods


Excellence in terms of quality and safety

We have developed warehouse management software in partnership with Toyota. This system allows the real-time localization of the pallets, in order to avoid errors in the entry and exit of goods from the storage area. It is the software itself and not the operator that communicates the data of the pallet position: the storage area is safe because there is no staff working on the ground and the geolocation of the pallet lift truck prevents any possible accident.


The advantages of combining storage and transport: integrated logistics

Our experience confirms that integrated logistics creates the best possible synergies:

  • 68.000 shipments per year

  • KPI yield 98/99%

  • Noncompliance index equal to15%

In addition, thanks to the complete outsourcing of integrated logistics at MDG, Henkel was able to benefit from the highest levels of flexibility in managing seasonal peaks and reducing its overall logistics costs. Thus, Henkel was able to focus on managing its core business.
A single supplier: less bureaucracy, more efficiency, more quality.

Ideal Standard International



In 2014, MDG was assigned the distribution in Italy of goods departing from Brescia for Ideal Standard International Company.


Challenges and needs

  • Reduce the number of suppliers and increase quality

  • Increase the reliability of the service, in particular by improving compliance with delivery times

  • Reduce the damages, considering that these are light and bulky goods

  • A flexible solution, capable of covering the peaks at the end of the month and urgent deliveries for some particular requests.

  • An IT tool to monitor all shipments and KPI trends


The solutions

MDG has proposed specific and dedicated loading plans, with the exchange of semi-trailers and a dedicated fleet to optimize times and costs, with the aim of significantly reducing delivery times and introducing the pallets express delivery service.

Thanks to the freight delivery notice and the track & trace system provided directly to the end customer, MDG has improved the quality of the customer service, to which it has dedicated an internal team.

The total automation of data exchange, thanks to the IT interface created by MDG, has led to better management, cost reduction and real-time interaction. Furthermore, the dedicated web portal allows Ideal Standard International to monitor shipments, KPIs and create customizable graphics.


Main KPIs achieved

  • 30,000 shipments / year

  • KPI yield of 96/98%

  • Noncompliance index equal to 0.3%

  • Consistent reduction in damages and claims

  • Transit Times reduction

  • Optimization of peak management at the end of the month

  • Optimization of the urgent delivery service – including Saturdays and holidays

MDG has exceeded the KPIs imposed by ISI – monthly analyzed together with the customer in a dedicated meeting.
MDG is increasing its business together with Ideal Standard Company.

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