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About Yaskawa

Yaskawa (full name Yaskawa Electric Corporation) is a Japanese multinational company specialising in industrial automation products, mechatronics and robots, the latter covered by its Motoman division. The company is known worldwide, having created the word Mechatronics in the late 1960s. Mechatronics is the discipline that studies how to make three sub-disciplines – mechanics, electronics and information technology – interact in order to automate production systems, simplifying and replacing human labour. In Italy, Yaskawa is present with three sites: Orbassano (Turin), Buccinasco (Milan) and Modena.

The solutions adopted by MdG

The Yaskawa project is a typical example of logistics management; Messaggerie del Garda manages the logistics of the products of the Drive Motion & Controls division of Yaskawa Italia within its own logistics centre in Trucazzano (Milan), leaving Yaskawa free to concentrate on the commercial and customer service aspects.

Within the site we take care of:

Inbound” management of goods coming from their production facilities located in Germany and Japan (about 80 kilos per year).
Management of the storage of goods in the warehouse (approx. 1000 pallet places – the stored goods include also small products Connectors, Chips, Cables etc ).
Order picking (6,000/ 7000 orders per year – 200,000 Pieces/Unit).
Handling of shipments to the Italian customers of Yaskawa Italy.

logistics and warehousing services messaggerie del garda

Highest levels of accuracy

Meeting the KPIs agreed with the customer is paramount in any collaboration. The use of optical readers at every stage of logistics management, carefully designed and perfected processes combined with scrupulous staff training and management, are able to ensure the highest levels of performance. Also in this case Yaskawa Italia can, at any time, verify the service levels thanks to the control panel provided by Messaggerie del Garda.

In summary, the added values that Yaskawa Italia gets from the collaboration with MDG are:

Efficiency and speed in logistics: same-day dispatch of all orders.
Precision in order preparation.
Transparency on performance status through the management dashboard that interfaces
Yaskawa and MDG.

Everything under control:
Thanks to the computer interface, Yaskawa Italia can access the updated status of orders and shipments at any time.