Third-party Warehouse management

Customized solutions for the storage and deposit of any type of product

Our third-party warehouse management service is the ideal solution if you want to outsource the operations of receipt, freight storage and drafting of orders. Inventory differences, low staff and equipment performance, poor flow optimization – these are all management errors that impact on your company’s profitability.

 By entrusting us with your Warehouse Management service you can count on a partnership that offers you professional equipment, a team of experts and an area of over 100,000 square meters with many customizable storage solutions tailored for you.

gestione deposito conto terzi

Third-party logistics center and freight depot

Messaggerie del Garda provides an area of over 100,000 square meters for the storage and deposit of any type of product, from the most bulky to the lightest. Our security systems are certified and allow us to keep even sensitive and high-value goods, such as spirits and fine wines. We use state-of-the-art IT systems that can integrate with your business software. Process automation allows us to reduce time and costs and to provide you with all the information and updates you need. You can choose to rely on our logistics center even for short periods, using it as a transit point during the collection and preparation of shipments.

E-commerce and E-business Logistics

Whether you have an E-Commerce or want to open one, managing the logistics and the goods warehouse is essential. We provide complete services for the optimization of logistics processes to ensure maximum effectiveness in the management of costs and shipping times. We provide our customers with space specifically dedicated to their products in our warehouse. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to exploit the potential of our E-Commerce IT platform to sell products not only on your company website, but also on other online stores such as Amazon, Product Ads, Google Shopping and

soluzioni personalizzate per lo stoccaggio merci conto terzi
Centro logistico e deposito merci conto terzi

In-house logistics

If you have your own company warehouse, we offer you an innovative In House Logistics service. MDG staff and equipment come to you to take care of the entire management of the goods depot directly at your premises. Thus, you can entrust the organization of spaces and products to our team of experts without any interruption of work activities.


Co-packing, packaging and labeling of goods

We offer a Co-Packing service for the packing, packaging and labeling of goods for third parties for any type of product, from food to beverages,  cosmetics to pharmaceutical products, and special packaging at display stands: whatever your need is, we have the tailor-made solution for you. We assure you maximum professionalism even in the event of limited-time offers, promotional sales or specific marketing needs that require you to operate quickly. Furthermore, we take care of every phase of the process, from setting up the displays to supplying the materials necessary to create the display racks (full service).

servizi di inventariato in magazzini per conto di terzi
imballaggio merci, gestione e smaltimento dei resi conto terzi

Reverse Logistics: management and disposal of returns

Post-sales logistics and the management of reverse flows and returns are complex and articulated procedures. Thanks to a proven experience in the field of reverse supply chains and an extensive capillary network, we guarantee the optimization of all reverse flows, from the collection of goods at the customer’s premises to the remarketing of products at mid-life up to the dismantling and recycling of products at their end-of-life stage. Our reverse logistics solutions target the B2B and B2C markets and contribute to cost reduction, the sustainable development of your company and the improvement of the product life cycle.

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