About Hundog

Hundog is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Zee.Dog, a brand that was born in Brazil and whose philosophy is ‘Connecting dogs and people’. Leashes, collars, harnesses, bowls, toys and many accessories to take the best care of your dog in the name of colour and design.
The name Hundog originates from the translation of the word ‘dog’ into Esperanto, a language that was created to enable all peoples to communicate without any barriers.
no barriers; a G was then added to the word HUNDO (dog) to make it even more international. Hundog markets its products both
on ecommerce platforms and in specialised shops throughout Italy.

The collaboration with MdG

Thanks to the collaboration with MdG, Hundog has been able to completely outsource the management of all logistical activities in order to concentrate on its core business.

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Ad hoc” logistics at click speed

Since 2020, MdG has been managing all HUNDOG’s logistics flows from its own logistics centre in Castel Goffredo. This is a complex activity in which MdG is involved on several fronts:

Managing the import of goods (by sea and by air)
Organisation of the warehouse with single reference bays for optimal picking management to reduce order preparation time
Management of shipments throughout Europe with fast returns both to private individuals and to points of sale in the territory with deliveries to large-scale distribution and third-party logistics warehouses

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Excellence in terms of order preparation and delivery

“Flexibility, listening to customer needs, willingness to face new challenges generated by the evolution of the business; these are the characteristics that distinguish MdG and its team and make it a partner even more than a supplier”.

In order to meet HUNDOG’s requirements, MdG has adapted the warehouse’s operating hours to the timescales required by e-commerce; goods must be available all year round and orders must be prepared very quickly (in no more than 24 hours).