About Henkel

Henkel operates worldwide with several brands, grouped into three divisions: Adhesive Technologies (Pritt, Loctite, Theroson, Technomelt…), Beauty Care (Shwarzkopf the best known brand) and Laundry&Home Care (Dixan, Perlana, Vernel…). The customer portfolio is diversified and well balanced. Founded in 1876, Henkel has been successful for more than 140 years and employs almost 53,000 people worldwide.
In 2020, Henkel reported sales of 19.3 billion euros and an operating profit of 2.6 billion euros.

Henkel’s needs

Henkel needs to increase its competitiveness through an integrated supply chain that unites the warehousing of finished products and daily deliveries to its various customers (industry, retailers, large-scale retail trade down to the individual point of sale).

servizio di trasporto logistica messaggerie del garda

MDG’s solutions and KPIs

In 2015, MDG participated in and won the tender to centralise Henkel’s warehouses dedicated to the finished products of the Adhesive Technologies division in Italy: the solution was the creation of a distribution centre of over 22,000 square metres, in Seveso law, from which more than 100,000 shipments a year leave for Italy and abroad.
In order to better organise the processes, MDG has developed a warehouse management software that allows the optimisation of the flow of goods, setting the preparation of orders with the aim of optimising the loading of vehicles. In addition, this system allows the real-time localisation of pallets in order to avoid errors in the entry and exit of goods from the storage area. It is the software itself that communicates the pallet position data and not the operator: the storage area is safe because there are no personnel working on the ground and the geolocalisation of the pallet trucks avoids any possible accidents. In addition, MDG takes care of the delivery of goods to all of Henkel’s recipients in Northern Italy: from large production plants and large retail chains to individual points of sale. By outsourcing its integrated logistics to MDG, Henkel was able to benefit from the highest levels of quality and flexibility in handling seasonal peaks, thereby reducing its logistics costs overall. Henkel was thus able to focus on managing its core business. One supplier: more efficiency, more quality and one control tower.