Customs warehouse and VAT depot

Customs warehouse management service and freight depot without custom duties

The customs warehouse is a place authorized by the Customs Authority and subject to its control, within which it is possible to store goods subject to the suspension of the payment of customs duties (VAT and duties). This allows you to postpone payment only when the goods are extracted, re-exported or nationalized.

Supporto ad hoc per la gestione del deposito doganale e IVA

What, instead, do you mean by VAT depot?

The VAT depot allows you to introduce goods without paying VAT and the types of operations allowed are as follows:

  • Intra-community purchases
  • Release for free circulation of goods of non-EU origin: the import of such goods will be subject to duties, but not to VAT;
  • Intra-community transfers: the goods do not leave the Italian territory but are transferred to a community member by introducing them into the depot;
  • Sales of goods such as copper, some food products or wool: must be made to non-EU transferees, not identified for VAT purposes within the EU, or to national transferees.

Ad hoc support for customs warehousing and VAT depot management

Thanks to the professionalism of our Customs Assistance Center, we have obtained the AEO.F certified status and have become authorized economic operators. Thus, in addition to having authorized spaces such as a customs warehouse and a VAT depot. We support companies in the fulfillment of customs procedures, take care of the simplification of these procedures, and guarantee the maximum safety of all goods and assets stored in our warehouses.

Gestione del deposito doganale
Gestione e

Customs warehouse management also abroad

Our warehouse management service is fast and reliable and can be offered not only on the national territory, but also at our offices in Serbia and China. In this way, we are committed to simplifying customs and bureaucratic procedures even abroad by offering you complete support. The customs warehouse offers you interesting facilities because it allows at any time, to:

  • Return the stored goods abroad;
  • Sell your goods and products on the national territory at the most advantageous moment

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