Integrated logistics in West Milan

A strategic location for national, international and ADR transport

Halfway between Milan and Pavia, Calvignasco is a strategic point for national and international transport.

From here we manage:

  • Arrival of goods from abroad (from Europe and the rest of the world);
  • Daily shuttles from the production plants;
  • Receipt of goods in depots, stockpiling and order preparation;
  • Delivery of orders prepared throughout Italy

The large warehouse extends over an area of 22,000 square meters and is a certified warehouse for the storage and handling of substances under the ADR directives. In fact, it complies with the SEVESO 8 regulation, the most restrictive on the handling and management of dangerous goods. The warehouse has a high technological level and this allows errors to be avoided during the entry and exit phases of the goods in the storage area.

Personnel activities are managed and guided by highly innovative software: in this way, the risk of making mistakes is lowered, process management improves, and time and resources are saved. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art technology applied to our management systems ensures maximum inventory accuracy and full compliance with the deadlines agreed with the customer. Our Calvignasco warehouse is not just a loading and unloading point for goods, but a sorting hub to facilitate the transport of ADR goods and a crucial point for the management of transport in Italy and abroad.

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