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About Ideal Standard

For over 100 years, Ideal Standard’s mission has been to improve the lives of its customers through innovation and design. The company has a long tradition in the bathroom fittings and fixtures sector, as well as important collaborations with the most influential designers, factors that have made it a benchmark in design culture.

The needs of Ideal Standard

In 2014 MDG participated in a Tender and took over the distribution in Italy of goods leaving Brescia for Ideal Standard International. For Ideal Standard it is essential to rationalise the management of transport suppliers and damages, considering the light and bulky goods, and at the same time increase the quality and reliability of the service, in particular by improving compliance with delivery times.
The customer needs a flexible solution, able to cover peaks at the end of the month and urgent deliveries
for certain special requests, and an IT tool to monitor all shipments and KPI trends.

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MDG’s solutions and KPIs

MDG proposed specific and dedicated loading plans, with the exchange of semi-trailers and a dedicated fleet to optimise costs, with the aim of significantly reducing delivery times and introducing the delivery service of express goods on pallets. MDG has improved the quality of customer service by dedicating an internal team to analysing the performance of shipments every month together with Ideal Standard: this makes it possible to immediately identify any areas for improvement and to intervene, in agreement with the customer, to promptly adopt solutions that allow very high levels of service to be maintained. The total automation of data exchange, possible thanks to the IT interface created by MDG, has improved management, reduced costs and enabled real-time interaction. In addition, the dedicated web portal allows Ideal Standard International to monitor shipments, KPIs and create customisable charts.