Transport and storage of dangerous goods – ADR and SEVESO

Specialists in the transport of ADR goods and hazardous substances.

We are specialized in the transport of dangerous goods under the ADR regime to guarantee maximum safety even for the most difficult to manage difficult to manage delicate and shipments. The transport of goods under the ADR regime can be carried out in tanks, in groupage or in a palletized container, depending on the quantity and nature of the material to be transported. We only use certified and approved packaging and containers to avoid the spillage of the material during the route and undertake to carry out scrupulous checks before departure and during the journey.

Trasporto e deposito merci pericolose

All our warehouses dedicated to storage services comply with the safety regulations for the storage of hazardous goods and the ADR regulations. For the most dangerous goods – and in particular for those considered highly hazardous for the environment and therefore subject to the SEVESO 8 European Directive – we have a dedicated site in Milan-West (Calvignasco headquarters) that accommodates quantities of goods in the lower vulnerability threshold, as well as quantities of goods in the upper vulnerability threshold.

Before proceeding with the shipment of hazardous goods, our internal ADR consultant will evaluate the characteristics of the load and  provide you with support and information on the timing and methods of transport of your products. Our ADR dangerous goods transport service responds to the strictest and most recent safety regulations. All the traveling personnel and ground staff attend ADR refresher courses, and all our vehicles, as well as our sorting hubs, comply with the ADR regulations. We are among the top transport companies certified for ISO 9001 quality in Italy and we hold the environmental ISO 14001 certificate.

Trasporto merci ADR in tutta sicurezza
Il nostro servizio di trasporto merci pericolose in regime ADR risponde alle più rigide e recenti normative in materia di sicurezza

We take care of the management of all bureaucratic procedures for obtaining the necessary documentation. The categories of goods we deal with are:

  • Gas;
  • Explosive materials (Aerosols);
  • Flammable solids and liquids;
  • Toxic materials;
  • Corrosive substances;
  • Combustive agents

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