Who is Promotica

The company took its first steps in 2004 and immediately began collaborating with Messaggerie del Garda, which in that very year opened its logistics centre in Castel Goffredo. Promotica’s core business are marketing solutions mainly related to the collection of points and related prize distribution for large-scale retail trade and Pharmaceutical Consortia (Coop , Conad , Farma3) both in Italy and Eastern Europe. The company’s rise has been unstoppable and vertiginous, from a few million in turnover they arrived in 2021 to be listed on the Milan Stock Exchange with a turnover exceeding 50 mln.

promotica company promotions collaboration with messaggerie del garda

Promotica’s requirements

Speed in deliveries, ability to handle a very large and varied number of references, capillarity in the distribution network. In the promotional sector, speed in delivery times is essential! Competitions have fixed starting dates and it can happen that suppliers/producers of prizes are late with product deliveries. The task of the logistics operator is to put in place innovative and flexible solutions to absorb delays in the delivery of prizes so that the promotional campaign can start normally. It is also necessary to manage a very large and varied number of references: from small promotional items to large volumes, from shipments of a small envelope to entire kilos of goods. The supermarket chains receiving the promotional items have hundreds of outlets widely distributed (from town centres to suburban shopping centres) throughout the country.

 logistics depot management collaboration with Messaggerie del Garda promotica

The solutions adopted by MDG and the KPIs

Accompanying and managing the dizzying growth of PROMOTICA for MDG was a major challenge that was met thanks to the ability to understand and adapt precisely to all customer requests and requirements, such as

Ad-hoc repackaging for some large-scale retail chains
The preparation of single reference pallets with layers defined by the customer
The creation of special labelling
The provision of excellent logistics and transport services.

For Promotica, MDG has managed over 2,000 article numbers (which, being competition prizes, are born and die within a maximum of a couple of years) during the more than 15 years of collaboration. Thanks to the careful management of the warehouse, a viaticum for precise order picking, and the ability to shorten transit times by at least 1 working day – by organising deliveries (also express) and direct entrusting to correspondents – MDG has been able to guarantee Promotica to achieve lead-time and accuracy KPIs of 99.5% for its customers.
MDG is proud to have actively contributed to Promotica’s growth.