Messaggerie del Garda settore chimico

Messaggerie del Garda: specialists in logistics and the transport of ADR goods and hazardous substances

MdG specialises in the transport of dangerous goods according to ADR regulations, in order to guarantee maximum safety even during the most delicate and complex shipments. The transport of goods under ADR can take place using tankers, groupage or skips on pallets, depending on the quantity and nature of the material to be transported. MdG uses only certified and approved packaging and containers, in order to prevent any spillage during the journey, and undertakes to carry out thorough checks before departure and along the way.

All of MdG’s storage facilities comply with the safety regulations for the storage of dangerous goods, including the ADR regulation. For goods considered particularly dangerous, in particular those subject to European Directive SEVESO 8 and with a high environmental risk, MdG has a specially dedicated site in Milano-Ovest (Calvignasco Headquarters) that accommodates both quantities below and above the danger threshold.

Messaggerie del Garda settore chimico 

The Italian chemical industry: global leadership and significant economic impact

The great value of chemistry is often not fully appreciated, as its products are not usually used directly, but are mainly intermediate goods used by other industries to produce final goods. Chemistry permeates all aspects of life, from food to mobility, from communication to hygiene and health. In fact, all commonly used products exist and are accessible thanks to chemistry. (source: Federchimica)

With a production value of EUR 56 billion, Italy confirms its position as the third largest chemical producer in Europe, with a share of 9.5%, and ranks twelfth worldwide. With regard to several high quality and specialised chemical productions, the Italian chemical industry takes even more significant positions: in some cases, such as for active pharmaceutical ingredients, we boast global leadership. At European level, Italy is also the third largest market for chemicals, confirming the country’s strong industrial vocation. Chemical companies operating in Italy number over 2,800 and provide employment for over 112,000 highly qualified employees. The chemical industry also generates skilled employment in other sectors (e.g. specialised environmental services). It is estimated that the total employment generated, including allied industries, is more than double the direct employment, involving some 278,000 people. Chemistry represents the sixth largest industrial sector in the country, but its importance is not limited to its economic dimension. With 7.9 per cent of personnel dedicated to research and development, compared to the manufacturing average of 5.2 per cent, the chemical industry stands out for its significant research activity.

Messaggerie del Garda settore chimico

Competitiveness and export success of the Italian chemical sector   

Given the pervasive spread of chemicals across all sectors, its technological innovations have a significant impact on the economy in improving productivity, competitiveness and environmental sustainability. This is particularly evident in key Made in Italy sectors.

In the last decade, the Italian chemical industry has shown a good export performance, gaining positions compared to other major European producers. Since 2010, Italy has ranked second after Spain in export performance, surpassing even Germany. Despite China’s growth, the chemical industry has managed to defend its world market share better than other sectors. In 2020, the world market share of the Italian chemical industry was 2.6 %, remaining stable compared to 2010, while the manufacturing industry as a whole lost 0.3 percentage points.

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