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When you need to ship goods to a country outside the European Union, one of the bureaucratic requirements to be fulfilled relates to customs export documents, which are divided into two parts: the Single Administrative Document (SAD) and the Export Accompanying Document (EAD).

The SAD is a declaration filled out by customs when the file is opened, containing all the information about the export.

The EAD is generated directly by customs after receiving the SAD and verifying the goods. This document is given directly to the exporter, who in turn gives it to the office of exit from the EU territory.

In addition, the EAD physically accompanies the goods to customs and is associated with the MRN (Movement Reference Number), which certifies that the goods have left the EU territory. Once cleared, the goods must leave the customs territory within 90 days. Otherwise, it is up to the trader to declare that the goods have not left and request the cancellation of the previously accepted declaration.

Traders requiring proof of exit for VAT purposes should check the status of the transaction by entering the MRN number on the Customs Agency website, at the following link.

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