I magazzini doganali di MdG

Messaggerie del Garda’s bonded warehouse offers numerous advantages for companies involved in international trade. Some of the main benefits are listed below.

Suspension of duties and taxes

Our bonded warehouse service allows you to store imported goods without having to pay duties and taxes immediately. This gives our corporate clients financial flexibility, as payments can be postponed until the goods are actually sold or moved from the warehouse.

Temporary storage

Our bonded warehouse can be used as temporary storage space for imported goods before they are distributed or sold on the market. This is particularly useful when there is a time discrepancy between the arrival of goods and the time they are actually required by the market or made necessary.

Reduction of transport costs

Goods can be consolidated in our bonded warehouse before being distributed nationwide. This allows corporate customers to reduce transport costs, as they can optimise shipments and use more efficient modes of transport to reach different destinations.

MdG magazzini doganali

Simplification of customs procedures

Within our customs warehouses it is possible to carry out all customs clearance operations without the goods having to stop at ports or airports, thus facilitating customs procedures. Moreover, our warehouses are located close to major motorway junctions. This results in shorter customs clearance times and improved overall efficiency of international trade operations.

Supply chain management

Our customs warehouses enable companies to manage their supply chain more effectively, ensuring timely distribution of imported goods. This helps avoid delays and disruptions in the supply chain.

Processing and assembly options

In addition to warehousing services, we can also offer our foreign customers processing and assembly services, allowing companies, once the goods have cleared customs, to customise or modify the goods before distributing them to the local market. This can be particularly advantageous for companies wishing to adapt their products to the specific needs of the target market.

MdG e i magazzini doganali

Flexibility in international operations

Thanks to the use of our bonded warehouses, our corporate customers can benefit from greater flexibility in international trade operations, so they can adapt to fluctuations in demand and efficiently manage stocks according to market conditions.

Reducing the risk of non-compliance

With our bonded warehouses, corporate clients can reduce the risk of non-compliance as they can manage their inventories more accurately and respond to market needs in a timely manner.

Overall, using the customs warehouses offered by Messaggerie del Garda can help improve operational efficiency and optimise costs in international trade activities.