The importance of having a reliable logistics partner, from raw materials to finished product delivery.

logistica prodotti cosmeticiCosmetic products require

  • SPECIFIC STORAGE AND HANDLING CONDITIONS: appropriate and authorized warehouses are needed for the storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging, and finished products; dedicated storage space – also for dangerous goods – and temperature and humidity controls are required.
  • TRACEABILITY: Traceability of products, batch management and expiration dates must be preserved.
  • PROFESSIONALITY AND EXPERIENCE: there are many types of materials to be handled and with different regulatory requirements, both for storage and transportation: tanks and drums of raw materials, packaging, semi-finished products (such as lipstick paste or mascara, which is more liquid, that travel in bags or buckets) and finished products.
gestione logistica conto terzi

Cosmetics industry logistics processes require

  • CUSTOMIZED SERVICE: if the processes of order preparation and the choice of distribution channels are designed on the specific needs of recipients, higher quality, efficiency, and satisfaction of customers are ensured.
  1. PUNCTUAL AND RELIABLE COLLECTIONS AND DELIVERIES: an efficient and well-organized domestic and international distribution network, capable of transporting all types of goods needed by a cosmetics company, is needed.
  2. IMPORT AND EXPORT ACCORDING TO REGULATIONS: experience in handling customs paperwork and regulations of the world’s most important origins and destinations is necessary.
  3. PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION AND QUICK SOLUTIONS: production, as well as the customers of a cosmetics company, are very demanding and need to have timely information and quick solutions in case of unforeseen events, along the entire logistics chain.
  • VALUE-ADDED SERVICES: a logistics operator that can also provide value-added services, such as co-packing and returns management, optimizes processes, reduces emissions and overall costs.

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