Transport dangerous goods adr 

Dangerous goods codes consist of a number of digits ranging from 1 to 3, indicating the main, secondary and possibly tertiary hazard type of the material.

The code is then supplemented by a further four digits indicating the specific type of material, defined as the UN number, to which the good is uniquely transported worldwide.

The labels graphically represent the hazard of the material and more than one hazard label can be associated with the same good.

The table of primary hazards for goods

Below is the table of primary hazards:

Number Material Hazard
0 Without specification Without specification
1 Explosive materials and articles Explosion
2 Gas Gas emission
3 Flammable liquids Flammable
4 Flammable solids Flammable
5 Oxidising substances Oxidising properties
6 Toxic substances Toxicity
7 Radioactive material Radioactivity
8 Corrosive substances Corrosiveness
9 Danger of spontaneous violent reaction Danger of violent reaction resulting from spontaneous decomposition or polymerisation