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Professionalism and partnership

A life-long experience along with a modern, long-term view of the world.

Over the years the Beschi family has built a team which is part of a large project: a group of professionals, constantly challenged to perform at their best, joining efforts to give life to unique logistics specially tailored for each customer. This is how MDG has redefined  YOUR LOGISTICS. MDG - a modern company promoting the awareness that teamwork makes the difference.
This modern outlook is reflected in the many initiatives promoted by MDG to give their employees better opportunities: continuous education, partnerships within the territory, tax and financial advice. MDG has also joined innovative social welfare projects such as Network Eugenio and Flexible Benefits.

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Looking for constant innovation

With markets changing rapidly and a growing demand for new services, offering innovative and efficient solutions is vital. MDG is particularly attentive to market demands; and in addition to standard services, we offer increasingly customized solutions, built around the needs of the customer.

This is a core value for MDG, a modern partnership which includes 2B Logistics: a Serbian-Italian company that brings in the corporate range basic services for all those Italian companies that have outsourced production in Eastern Europe.

MDG Group recently opened a branch with customs warehouse in China: a quality service made of Italian style logistics and transports available to all Italian companies operating in the East.